A portable heated plate of metal etc for keeping plates of food etc hot.He grows orchids in his hothouse.The part of a cooker on which food is heated for cooking.

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(of food) having a sharp, burning taste.Hot potato in figurative sense is from 1846.Traditionally the base *keid- has been connected by means of a "root extension" *-d- with Old High German hei, gehei, geheige "heat, drought Middle Dutch hei "hot, dry from a presumed Indo-European verb base *kei- "burn, heat" (in earlier literature *kai-, though there appears.

Old Saxon and Old Frisian het, Old Norse heitr, Middle Dutch and Dutch heet, German heiß "hot Gothic heito "heat of a fever from PIE root *kai- "heat" (cf.Middle English hoten, going back to Old English htian, gehtian, derivative of ht hot entry 1).