The Vedic literature mention many gods and goddesses, as well as the use of Homa (votive ritual using fire but it does not mention images or their worship.A b Karen Armstrong (2002).Too great admiration, especially of a person.

101 102 The Hebrew Bible states that God has no shape or form, is utterly incomparable, is everywhere and cannot be represented in a physical form of an idol.Judges/jury edit A preselected panel of music industry representatives tour some, if not all audition cities (depending on which show) to observe and advance those auditioning throughout the show up to and including the Grand Finale.96 Judaism edit A 1768 synagogue parchment with the Ten Commandments by Jekuthiel Sofer.

For evil-doers there will be no helpers.85 86 For example: They surely disbelieve who say: Lo!98 99 Many Jewish scholars such as Rabbi Saadia Gaon, Rabbi Bahya ibn Paquda, and Rabbi Yehuda Halevi have elaborated on the issues of idolatry.