Learn More in these related Britannica articles: dramatic literature: Dramatic structure commedia dellarte, the standard characters Pantalone and Arlecchino, each wearing his traditional costume and mask, appeared in play after play and were immediately recognized, so that an audience could anticipate the behaviour of the.Declension edit Synonyms edit Tagal Murut edit Noun edit pantalon floor (lower part of a room) Tagalog edit Etymology edit Borrowed from Spanish pantalón.Pantaloon dressed in a tight-fitting red vest, red breeches and stockings, a pleated black cassock, slippers, and a soft brimless hat.

Pantalone nero da ragazzo

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Outside Italy, the form had its greatest success in France, where it became the Comédie-Italienne.Pantalone ; a character from the commedia dell'arte whose hose were portrayed as being down around his feet.

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